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Say No To Bra Bullying

Lately, I hear more and more from friends and acquaintances that they are being pressured into buying the incorrect size! This makes me absolutely furious as there are simply no reasons for doing this. As someone that is researching bras daily, I have become the go-to girl

Start Off 2017 With a Sports Bra That Fits

Lots of us are ready for 2016 to end and what greater way to start off 2017 than with a goal? In light of wanting to get into better shape, and having recently joined a gym, I decided I would get a new sports bra.? When I

3 Reasons Why Your Underwires May Break

A couple of years ago, Big Girls Bras had a post titled, Help! My Underwires Keep Breaking! And I thought we’d do an update of sorts to that and give you a little more information about underwires.? The bottom line is that there are really only 3

Need To Know Sizing Information for Special Occasion and Longline Bras

In light of my recent video review of the very popular Cortland Intimates Longline Back Support Bra, I realized that there is some valuable sizing information that many people tend to overlook when shopping for longline and special occasion bras. While longline bras are everyday and sometimes

Bras For Back Support: All About Posture Bras

I have recently fallen into the mystifying and awesome world of posture bras.? These are bras that provide back support and relieve pressure from one’s back and shoulders. I have now tried our two best-selling posture bras and am excited to share the details.? One thing I